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    Alessandro Longhi

    Portrait of a Young Black Man

    Italy (c. 1760s)

    Oil on Canvas, 75 x 65 cm.

    The Image of the Black in Western Art Research Project and Photo Archive, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University

    [x] [x]

    (via medievalpoc)


    The meanings of a few names that people would typically think are ghetto and meaningless

    LAKEISHA: a swahili name meaning “favorite one”

    LATEEFAH: a north african name meaning “gentle and pleasant”

    LATONIA: a latin name. latonia was the mother of diana in roman mythology

    LATISHA: means “happiness”

    TAKIYA: a north african name meaning “righteous”

    ESHE. African Swahili name meaning “immortal”

    KALISHA. Probably from the Galla word kalisha “sorcerer, wizard, witch doctor, magician”

    LEENA (لينا). Another spelling of Arabic Lina (q.v.), meaning “softness.” In use in Africa.

    MAKENA. African Kikuyu name meaning “the happy one.”

    NIA. African Swahili name meaning “intention, life purpose, mind.”

    MONIFA. African Yoruba name, meaning “I am luck,” from mo “I,” and ifa “profit, luck.”

    NUBIA. Unisex. African. From the name of the country Nubia, meaning “land of gold,” from the Coptic word for gold.

    AYANA : Ethiopian female name meaning “beautiful flower.”

    SHANIKA. Unisex. African Bantu name, probably meaning “young one from the wilderness.”

    SALINA. African. A name in use in Kenya. It may mean “merciful.”

    TAMEKA. Another spelling of the African Congo name Tamika (q.v.), meaning “a twin,”

    TAMELA. African Zulu name meaning “she who basks in the sun,”

    AMARA. f. African. From the Swahili word amara, meaning “urgent business.”
    Hindu. name meaning “immortal.”
    African. Ethiopian. Amharic amari, meaning “agreeable, pleasing.”

    CHICHI f Western African, Igbo
    Diminutive of Igbo names beginning with the element Chi meaning “God”.

    IMANI f & m Eastern African, Swahili, African American
    Means “faith” in Swahili, ultimately of Arabic origin.

    AZIZA f means “Respected. Darling.” Muslim,African, Egyptian, Arabic, Somali name meaning “gorgeous.

    DALIA/DALILA f means “Gentle.”
    African, Arabic, American, Egyptian, Spanish, African, Hebrew

    BIBI : An East African female name meaning “daughter of a king.” Also a Kiswahili word meaning “lady” or “grandmother.”

    ADA : Ibo of Nigeria name for firstborn females.

    ZENA : Ethiopian name meaning “news” or “fame.”

    JAMILAH f means “Beautiful.”
    Arabic, Muslim, African

    KALIFA f means “Chaste; holy.”

    “Wise.” Egyptian African Swahili name meaning “righteous.”

    TAJ means “Crown.”
    Indian,Sanskrit, African

    FATUMA : Popular Swahili and Somali versions of the name Muslim name, FATIMA, meaning “weaned.”

    NANA : Ghanaian name meaning “mother of the Earth.”

    AJA : High Priestess of Mecca.

    ADINA : Amharic of Ethiopia word sometimes used as a female name, meaning “she has saved.”

    BALINDA : A Rutooro of Uganda name meaning “patience, endurance, fortitude.” (Balinda is also used as a male name in Uganda.)

    FANTA : Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire name meaning “beautiful day.”

    KAYA : Ghanaian name meaning “stay and don’t go back.”

    LAYLA , LAILA , LEYLA , LEILA : Swahili and Muslim name meaning “born at night.”

    SHANI : Swahili name meaning “marvelous.”

    ANAYA : Ibo of Eastern Nigeria name meaning “look up to God.”

    TANISHA , TANI : Hausa of W. Africa name meaning “born on Monday.”

    ZAKIYA : Swahili name meaning “smart, intelligent.”

    TITI : Nigerian name meaning “flower.”

    SAFIA , SAFIYA , SAFIYEH , SAFIYYAH : Swahili and Arabic name meaning “pure and wise” or “lion’s share.”

    LULU : Swahili and Muslim name meaning “pearl” or “precious.”

    KADIJA , KHADIJA : Swahili name meaning “born prematurely.”

    AMINA : Somali and Muslim female name meaning “trustful, honest” and referring to Muhammed’s mother. This name is popular with the Hausa of West Africa.

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